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Affiliate Success Tips

1. Use relevant banners and links.
The links on your site should relate to its content. For example, children's pages should contain links to toy stores and educational material, not links for mortgages or golf clubs.

2. Think of creative ways to blend your affiliate banner or link into the theme of a page, using proper placement and text.

3. Recommend specific products to your visitors.
If you recommend a specific product to your visitors, they will be more likely to click on the link. This is a far more effective strategy than sending your visitors to a large online store where they can become easily distracted.

4. Keep plenty of open space.
Minimizing the clutter on your site will allow visitors to distinguish between different items on your site pages. If text and pictures crowd the page, your visitors may miss important information.

5. Provide pertinent and helpful information.
If you offer valuable information for free, your site builds credibility and generates more traffic. Making your site more interesting to visitors will make your affiliate links more successful.

6. Make your page design unique.
You should strive to keep your design simple and easy to use, yet creative and unique at the same time. By now you are probably familiar with the common web page design. When you are designing your site, test various layouts, shapes, fonts and colors so that your site stands out.

7. Update the content often.
If you want people to keep returning to your site, you need to update it with fresh text, different pictures and new options. For example, maintaining a personal interest section and adding a new update every two weeks will capture interest and encourage return hits.

8. Avoid using large graphics.
Large graphics take a long time to load. If your site takes more than 30 seconds to appear, your visitors, who are potential generators of your earnings, will leave your site.

9. Place a contact e-mail link within your site.
Visitors to your site can give you fresh ideas and suggestions for your Web site. Make it easy for them to do so by supplying a contact e-mail address.

10. Create product reviews.
If you have tried a product or received great customer service from one of your merchants, let your visitors know. A personal testimonial about a company or product will encourage visitors to purchase products or services through your links.

11. Position links strategically.
You should place merchant links either close to the content the link relates to or in the top right corner of your Web site. Making the link relevant to the content that surrounds it or clearly visible to visitors will increase the click-through rate.

12. Change links frequently.
Just like updated content will ensure return vists, so will updated links. Provide your repeat visitors with something new and interesting. It is far easier to sell a new item to a visitor who has purchased through your site before than it is to sell an existing item to a first-time visitor.

13. *** Add additional features.
You can bolster the success of your site by fine tuning it, submitting it to major search engines and monitoring your server's performance.

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