System Supervisor
Computer Monitoring Software
Discreetly monitor your spouse, kids, employees,,
Parents Protect Your Loved Ones!!!
KNOW What They Are Doing On-Line.

Know what's going on
when you're not around
Parents: Stay involved with your child's net activity.
Know what your spouse is doing!
Eliminate employee "elective down-time".
Catch computer snoopers.
Watch everything that happens on your computer, whether you are there or not!
And much more..
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Install in Just 30 Seconds
Monitor ALL Computer Activity
Discreetly Monitor With Auto-Capture
SYSTEM SUPERVISOR installs and remains TOTALLY HIDDEN on a computer. Only YOU know it is there.

In today's society, it is increasingly important to BE INFORMED and to KNOW what is going on around us. This software can help you be a responsible parent and PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN from online predators. It can help you INCREASED PROFITS by
ELIMINATING employee elective down-time.
with this great new software, CLICK HERE!
Protect Your Family and Your Business.  BE INFORMED!!
Did You Know?
Did You Know?

System Supervisor's Features
Auto-Capture feature saves screenshots for later viewing.
Easy setup with the System Supervisor Configuration Wizard.
User friendly toolbar for configuration.
Image quality settings to decrease file sizes or increase capture quality.
System Supervisor offers many features to provide you with the functionality and usability required to make System Supervisor easy to install, configure, and use right away.
Begin using System Supervisor Now! only$49.95

Know what's going on when your not around
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